Ahn Do story

Updated: 3/24/2021
Ahn Do story

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  • Leaving Vietnam
  • The Pirates
  • After the Pirates
  • Ahn Do and his family left Vietnam during the war because, his parents had decided it wasn't safe enough for them to live there anymore.
  • Arriving in Australia
  • During the time on the boat Ahn Do was attacked by Pirates. One of the pirates found gold in Ahn's little brothers diaper so the pirate held him overboard, then decided to spare his life.
  • Starting school
  • After the pirates had come they left Ahn and his family with nothing. They had taken all of their stuff. However one of the pirates had felt sorry for Ahn and his family so he chucked them a bottle of water.
  • Ahn Do today
  • After the pirates had attacked them a german cargo ship found them and saved them. When they arrived in Australia the Nuns gave them some clothes for the children a bag of boys clothes and a bag of girls clothes because of this Ahn's little brother had to wear a dress
  • When Ahn started school he did not have enough money to buy the proper uniform so he was always laughed at.
  • Today Ahn Do is a standup comedian and a book writer. Some books he has written include The little refuge and ahn do weirdo.
  • Ha Ha