Stop Bullying
Updated: 12/20/2019
Stop Bullying
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  • Exposition 
  • why am I so ugly.I wish i could change.
  • Inciting Incident
  • What happens if i talk back to them
  • Rising Action
  • Its not the right time
  • she looks so ugly. where does she get her clothes.
  • This is Ana she was crying by her bed because there is three girls at her school was making fun of her by how she was looking.
  • Climax
  • Then Ana went sleep. The next morning she went to school but he did not want to because of the three girl will be making fun of her again.
  • Falling Action
  • I hope that makes her stop being mean to me
  • Hey Ana do you want to be my friend?Fine
  • When Ana was walking to her class the three girls where making fun of her and Ana was thinking about something that would change her life.
  • Resolution
  • Ana talked to the girl that was be mean to her. She did it because she did not want to get bullyed eveymore.
  • Hey I have a question? why are you so mean to me i never did eveything to you.
  • Came on Ana
  • Ana and her mom got home and Ana hoped that the three girls would stop making fun her.
  • I am going mom
  • So when she got to school the three girls did not even look at her because of what happen. You should not judge people by how they look and at the end they stared being nice to Ana.
  • Yeah sure but can you stopping mean
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