Fruit Gardening Storyboard
Updated: 2/18/2021
Fruit Gardening Storyboard

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  • Fruit Gardening 
  • aka Commercial Farming
  • Fruit Gardening grows fruits/veggies and is most commonly found in Asia, Europe, and Africa
  • Africa and Asia- LDC
  • Europe- MDC
  • The purpose of commercial fruit gardening is the large scale production of fruits and veggies
  • you need a minimum of 10 acres of land with one picker per each 10 acres
  • Some benefits are that its cheaper and requires less resources and labor than traditional faming and produces more fruit per unit of land.
  • pickers are paid hourly wages of $8 an hour or a bit more.
  • While a fruit famer does not need much equipment it does need
  • Some disadvantages are that the food produced can be of poor quality and artificially so it doesn't have the same nutritional value that fruit produced using the traditional method does.
  • - an air-blast sprayer -small tractor -mower-pull behinds and carts