And then there were none chapter 1-9 storyboard
Updated: 2/19/2021
And then there were none chapter 1-9 storyboard

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  • 8 Guests get letters from U.N.O, or Lady Constance Cunningham, and one guest was invited by Mr. Issac Morris. The letter is an invitation to go to Soldier island, and stay in a mansion that has been all over the news papers.
  • ...Yours truly , U.N.O
  • Soldier island!
  • Chapter one
  • Chapter two
  • The guests arrive to Soldier island, and they meet Mr. and Mrs. Rogers(the maids). The guests are getting comfortable in their rooms but are surprised that Mr. and Mrs. Owens aren't there yet.
  • "May we help you with anything"
  • The guests had their first dinner at the mansion, and out of nowhere a voice started to speak from a gramophone and it said what everyone was charged guilty for. Everyone was silent until Mrs. Rogers dropped the coffee tray and fainted. Everyone went to go help her out and Mr. rogers put her to bed. They were all discussing who turned the gramophone on and Mr. Rogers spoke at once and says it was a task he and his wife had to do from Mr. Owen. The guests figured out that the owens were UNKNOWN.
  • Chapter three
  • Chapter Four
  • Anthony Marston picked up his drink and dranked it all at gulp. He chocked, super bad his face was purple and he died.
  • "The legal life's narrowing! I'm all for crime!, here's to it
  • Chapter five
  • Vera Claythorne, and Mr. Justice Wargrave were trying to sleep but they couldn't stop thinking about the people that they were found guilty of murdering.
  • "it's to far Cyril"
  • Chapter six
  • "yes, she's gone."
  • Rogers woke up Dr. Armstrong so he can check on his wife and he told him that she died, and they were trying to figure out what caused her death.
  • Emily Brent and Vera Claythorne were chatting and Emily Brent was telling her about what happened to Beatrice Taylor. Dr. Armstrong asked Philip Lombard if they can chat, Lombard said sure. They were talking about Blore's theory and the china figures.
  • "Lombard can I speak to you for a minute?"
  • "She threw herself into the river"
  • Chapter seven