the outsiders chapter 8
Updated: 1/14/2021
the outsiders chapter 8

Storyboard Description

Stuff that happens in paes 107-111 in chapter 8 of the outsiders

Storyboard Text

  • the gas station
  • "You feel okay? You're awful hot..."",, All right,,, But Darry'll kill me if you're really sick and go ahead and fight anyway,"( Two-bit)
  • "Im all right... just dont tell Darry." ( ponyboy)
  • on the way home
  • before the rumble
  • " You sure?"
  • "They play your way. No weapos, fair deal . Your rules"
  • Two-bit has just given dally his prize posession wich was his jet handel switch blade , Two-bit had felt Ponyboys forhead( i couldnt get it so two-bit is touching dallys wrist ) , when Two-bit felt Ponyboy's forhead he seemed to be coming up with a fever but Ponyboy could not miss this rumble so he is saying he is fine.
  • Ponyboy and Two-bit are on their way home and ponyboy is thinking over to himself about the rumble. He is wondering and coming up with posibilities what could possibly go down during the rumble .
  • Ponyboy and Two-bit went to meet up with Cherry at the vacant lot and when Cherry and Two-bit were talking Cherry said that Randy and the Socs want to play fair during the rumble , when Two-bit left Ponyboy and Cherry talked about johnnhy being in the hospital and how Cherry couldnt see him because he was the person who kiled Bob .