Enchanted Forrest
Updated: 9/28/2020
Enchanted Forrest

Storyboard Text

  • One day there were two sisters and I of them (Ginny) is born with magical power. She then has a dream about a Mysterious forest named enchanted forest
  • Hey Luna I have a dream about a mysterious forest that's been cursed and needs some help
  • And I think theres people there too that been stucked there and need some help
  • Are you serious what if we get killed, ugh fine ill come but first let me ask Harry to help he can get us there faster
  • Guys were finally here stay close to each other
  • Yeah Ginny is right stay close. Why is there people here!?
  • They finally reach the forest and then one of the people stuck there came to them. And agreed to what they're saying.
  • Who are you guys what are you doing in here?
  • We dont want any trouble we just...
  • We are here to free this forest and save you and the other people
  • The Monster from the forest wakes up in a deep slumber. Legend tells that the Monster cursed the forest because of the people abusing the gift of the forest and not taking care of it. And it alarmed the people
  • Growl!!
  • what was that noise?
  • The Monster was so angry at the people and it is rampaging all over the place. after hours of battling, our heroes finally defeated the monster.
  • .
  • Our heroes finally free the forset and ave the people living in there thanks to their courage and determination. The monster is now their friend and living with them. The End
  • Thanks again for freeing this forest. I promise that mw and my people will take care of this forest
  • Pleasure
  • We cant do it either without you help
  • Just promise me that you will take care of this forest and not to ruin it again. ok were heading home now.