A Cinderella story
Updated: 5/18/2020
A Cinderella story

Storyboard Text

  • Cinderella stepmother wanted her to married her with a rich guy. Cinderella evil wanted the money from Cinderella husband. Cinderella stepmother wanted to kill Cinderella husband.
  • We were both walking because we were getting married. My marriage was arranged by my fiance parents and my stepmother. My stepmother wanted me to get married with Vernon the prince from the kingdom of Canada.
  • When we first met for the first time he look like a normal person and he was handsome. Vernon was so nice and sweet i think it was love at first sight. I told Vernon the truth that how my stepmother wanted to take his money and that she will kill Vernon family.
  • Vernon and I were walking when we saw a car speed up. I heard a voice it was Vernon he was saying "wait Cinderella. Please be careful Cinderella and i saw a lot of blood. I was shock of who was coming out from the car it was my stepmother. I started crying and I called the police and an ambulance. " Cinderella I love you so much and don't worried about me I will be fine. I was a mess crying I really loved Vernon.
  • My stepmother went to jail and I was with my fiance Vernon. "Doctor is he going to be alright" yes, but he lot a lot of blood from his leg. Vernon I love you so much I thought I was going to lose you. We will get married in two weeks Cinderella.
  • I was happy to marry Vernon. We lived happily ever after. We are going to have a little child running around.