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Updated: 5/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Society without social classes
  • Private Property is eliminated
  • Government will disappear
  • With no social classes in the society there is no rankings within the people. People are not higher than others and everyone is equal and people do not get overlooked since they are all the same.
  • Cuban Social Hierarchy 
  • Cuban Social Classes - Social hierarchy in the pre Castro phase- Peasants-The middle class-Industrial workers - Sugar mill owners - Social hierarchy under Castro's government
  • The private owned land is taken away and people can no longer own private land. All the land is public and can be used by anyone.
  • Private-Property Rights
  • Without a government there would be no reason to deduct federal taxes and other things that the government takes out. There would be no order and organization and no one in charge to help run things.
  • Cuba's government system
  • - Republic-Unitary State-Socialist State-Presidential System- Semi-Presidential System
  • Cubas social classes are way more complicated than most countries. There are questions relating to ethnicity, race and money all mixed in. After the communist government came there is a claim that they got rid of the social hierarchy and that one type of hierarchical set was replaced by another.
  • A new constitution in 2019 approved the right to own private property. The reassuring central government's authority over the regulation and production and land.
  • Cuba has a few different forms of government so it did not disappear. The government is stable but that is a 'relative' term giving that is it a communist nation.