mary mackillop
Updated: 3/23/2020
mary mackillop

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  • Thank you so much omg.
  • Here you go sir hope you injoy
  • Thank you
  • Ma'm are you okay.
  • I helped the poor and gave them food and toys. They were really happy.
  • I set up houses for the elderly. They were very thankful.
  • Your schools will be shut down
  • I visited sick people and comforted them. I felt really sad and sorry for them.
  • Welcome children have a great time.
  • Years and years went by until I became a nun. I opened school and taught kids and opened a new order. I was also a single women.
  • One day the Bishop shut down all of my schools. I was devstated, he said it was because of alleged insubordination.
  • But with the help of Father Tenison-Wood we still opened schools and we help the sick and visted the people in jails.