Updated: 1/30/2020
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  • Elya and Igor want to marry Myra
  • Elya ask an old Egyptian woman, Madame Zeroni‘s help
  • Elya carry the piglet to the mountain and sing to him every time
  • Myra Menke was fourteen. She would turn fifteen in two months, at which time her father had decided she should be married .Elya went to her father to ask for her hand, but so did Igor Barkov, the pig farmer. Igor was fifty-seven years old. He had a red nose and fat puffy cheeks."I will trade you my fattest pig for your daughter," Igor offered. "And what have you got?" Myra's father asked Elya."A heart full of love," said Elya."I'd rather have a fat pig," said Myra's father.
  • The last time Elya curry his pig to the mountain
  •  "Elya, what's wrong?" she asked, before he even told her he was upset. She was sitting in a homemade wheelchair. She had no left foot. Her leg stopped at her ankle. "I'm in love with Myra Menke," Elya confessed. "But Igor Barkov has offered to trade his fattest pig for her. I can't compete with that."Madame Zeroni hated to see Elya so forlorn. Against her better judgment, she agreed to help him. "On the top of the mountain there is a stream where the water runs uphill. You must carry the piglet every day to the top of the mountain and let it drink from the stream. As it drinks, you are to sing to him."She taught Elya a special song to sing to the pig.
  • Myra choose her husband
  • Every day Elya carried the little piglet up the mountain and sang to it as it drank from the stream. As the pig grew fatter, Elya grew stronger
  • Elya forget to carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain. So Elya he and his descendants would be doomed for all of eternity.
  • On the day of Myra's fifteenth birthday, Elya's pig weighed over fifty stones
  • U Igor Barkov was there with his pig as well."These are two of the finest pigs I've ever seen," Myra's father declared.He was also impressed with Elya, who seemed to have grown bigger and stronger inthe last two months. "I used to think you were a good-for-nothing book reader," he said. "But I see now you could be an excellent mud wrestler.""May I marry your daughter?" Elya boldly asked."First, I must weigh the pigs."Also, poor Elya should have carried his pig up the mountain one last time. The two pigs weighed exactly the same.
  • He had no sailing experience, but the ship's captain signed him aboard. The captain could see that Elya was a ma n of great strength. Not everybody could carry a full-grown pig up the side of a mountain.It wasn't until the ship had cleared the harbor and was heading out across the Atlantic that he suddenly remembered his promise to carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain. He felt terrible.He wasn't afraid of the curse. He thought that was a lot of nonsense. He felt bad because he knew Madame Zeroni had wanted to drink from the stream before she died.
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