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Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • chapter 15 Mob Mentality - A group of Currycomb residents pay a visit to Atticus home
  • atticus takes a light bulb to the jail.
  • ¨Itś almost ten o clock, Jem.¨He knew it, but he was going anyway.¨Then Im going with you.." ¨Dill want to come"
  • ¨¨Iḿ going down town"" He was putting hes pants on. ¨SO he well¨ Jem said.
  • Atticus was sending Jem, Scout and dill home.
  • ¨Son I said go Home¨¨Please Jem take them home¨
  • ¨Walking towards the office dill and I fell a step behind.¨Dill carried the chair Can I carry it for you -Mr.Finch