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House of Dies Drear
Updated: 9/25/2019
House of Dies Drear
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  • The Smalls were on their way to their new house. Little do they know, some strange things are going to happen to them and their house.
  • They arrive at their house and notice a door bell. Thomas pushes the door bell and cold air comes out from it. The twins started whining because they didn't like the cold air blowing out, and they didn't want to go inside. They could sense if the house was haunted or not.
  • They enter the house and the twins feel suspisious about the house and don't enjoy it. Mrs. Small however, loves the house and loves how Mr. Pluto set up the house and the kitchen.
  • Thomas decided to explore the woods. Then he comes across Mr. Pluto. Thomas, now running away from the fiery flame of Mr. Pluto, scared to his death, running. Mr. Pluto is running faster than any old man can. This leaves Thomas in confusion and being afraid. Pluto catches Thomas and lets his grasp loose. Thomas brusts out running.
  • Mr. Small and Thomas went to Pluto's cave to find two Plutos and the second one was Meyhew. Meyhew exclaimed that he acted as Mr. Pluto because he wanted to scare them to see how they reacted. Mayhew came up with a plan to scare the Darrows with stage magic.
  • Mr. Small and Thomas wait for hours to scare the Darrows. They are dressed up as ghost slaves. The Darrows finaly come by the field after being frightened by Mr. Pluto, Pesty and Meyhew. They see these slave ghosts in front of the field.The Darrow boys scream in terror as they run back to their house. Mr. Small, Thomas, Mayhew, Pesty, and Mr. Pluto sucsessfully scare the Darrows to their bones.
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