Updated: 10/7/2021

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  • Sure melissa let's sit down.
  • hey joe how are you doing I just started this aquatics class learning about water want to sit down and chat I'd love to inform you!
  • Groundwater is water that has infiltrated the ground to fill the spaces between sediments and cracks in rock
  • 48 states- 65 Quadrillion gallons of Groundwater!4x the amount then that of the Starts as rain that percolates through the soil to fill holes and caves below the surface= aquafers 97____% of rural populations depends on it
  • Aquafiers help get rid of all the toxicins in the water such as toxcin juices, sewage,oil and household waste. If wed ont get rid of those they would be inside all humans, plants and animals
  • The volume of groundwater in storage is decreasing in many areas of the United States in response to pumping. Groundwater depletion is primarily caused by sustained groundwater pumping. Some of the negative effects of groundwater depletion: drying up of wells.
  • Use fewer chemicals around your home and yard, and make sure to dispose of them properly - don't dump them on the ground! Properly dispose of potentially toxic substances like unused chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paint, motor oil, and other substances.