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Updated: 2/11/2020
Unknown Story
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  • I will not get on that bus
  • I refuse to get on that bus
  • we don't ant you here!!
  • why? we did nothing wrong
  • we will not let you in
  • just give us a chance
  • get out of here!!
  • lets go in the sit-in movement
  • lets see how it is
  • yes we have to go there commemorate the seventh anniversery of the supreme courts Brown v.
  • African Americans refused to get on the city buses so they could protest segregated seating.(this event was called "Montgomery Bus Boycott"December 5th, 1955-December 20th, 1956
  • lets go to New Orleans, Louisiana
  • lets start to travel over there
  • white people and soldiers didn't allow African Americans into the school.this even was called "Little Rock School Crisis"September 4th, 1957
  • if we don't get jobs or freedom we wont be able to live
  • we need jobs and freedom
  • African Americans need rights for jobs and freedom, its not fair if they dont
  • yeaaaaa!!!!!
  • there was something called a sit-in movement and students from across the country became active participants.this event was called "Sit-In Movement"February 1st, 1960
  • black live matter not just whites
  • seven African Americans and 6 whites were planning to go to New Orleans to commemorate the seventh anniversary this even was called "Freedom Riders"May 4th, 1961-December 10th, 1961
  • 250,000 people gathered to protest because African Americans weren't allowed to have freedom or jobs and people thought they should have them.this event was called "March On Washington"August 28th, 1963
  • the movement for black lives matter reminds all people that all people deserve to live and have the same rights as everyone else.this event was called "Black Lives Matter Movement"July 13th, 2013
  • we deserve way better
  • you cant judge us off of looks we need jobs just like whites
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