Storyboard Romeo and Juliet
Updated: 12/18/2019
Storyboard Romeo and Juliet
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  • Romeo and Juliet meet at the dinner
  • Romeo and Juliet get married
  • Mercutio, Tybalt and Romeo get in a fight
  • The nurse is taking Juliet to see Paris(top of stairs) who she is supposed to marry, then she meets Romeo(bottom of stairs) and they instantly lock eyes and fall in love. She doesn't want to meet Paris she is in love with Romeo.
  • Juliet fakes her death
  • Juliet tells her parents she is going to make confession but in reality she is going to get married to Romeo.
  • Romeo kills Paris at Juliet's grave
  • Tybalt (far left) is fighting with Mercutio (far right) are fighting in town. Romeo (middle) steps in to break it up and Tybalt stabs Mercutio from under Romeos arm leaving Mercutio dead. Romeo than kills Tybalt.
  • Romeo and Juliets death
  • Juliet's parents don't know she is married to Romeo so they planned for her to marry Paris. She then talks to Frair Lawrence and he has a plan to give her a potion that will temporarily kill her. She drinks it before going to bed and now her family thinks she is dead.
  • Romeo (left) went to visit Juliet's grave and when he got there, Paris (right) was there. Romeo thought that Paris was there to disrespect the body so Romeo stabbed him.
  • Romeo visited Juliets body and he couldn't handle seeing her dead so he drank a potion that killed him. Juliet woke up and saw him dead so she stabbed her self. Lady Capulet died of a broken heart.
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