Opium in china- Timothy Peznola
Updated: 1/5/2021
Opium in china- Timothy Peznola

Storyboard Text

  • We need something to trade with china so we can get some of there goods.such a silk
  • What if he sold them opium they've been usinging it for 100s of years medically but we could get them to use it recreationally.
  • Sir! Were almost in china to deliver the opium
  • Wanna buy some more opium?
  • Sure ill try some
  • Hello sir, would you like to try some of this opium i'm smoking.
  • Wow this stuff is great. Can i buy some.
  • Yes ill sell you some and make sure you tell everyone you know about opium.
  • Yes! Im addicted to this stuff,
  • Then we shall go to war!
  • You needt stop selling my people opium . Its ruining there lives.
  • NO
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