Bill of Rights Storyboard
Updated: 4/29/2020
Bill of Rights Storyboard

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  • Our lives count.
  • March for your Life!
  • We are Marching for our Lives!!
  • But mom, we told you we don't believe in our religion.
  • Well I said you had to, so we are. Lets go.
  • Lets listen to your mother, okay.
  • Excuse me, but I was told by my officer that I was to come to your house and live hear with you. I am a soldier in the Military and was told you would provide me with everything I need...
  • Well, I don't have anywhere else to go and was told that we would take the house if they said no. So if you do not let me stay here I am afraid I will have to forcefully take your house.
  • This is news to us, we weren't told anything and we just moved here. We are newly wed and just had a baby boy. 
  • Oh, then I guess you may stay at our house and we will provide anything you need. I am not happy about this though.
  • The teens in Texas are walking out to support the March for Our Lives. In Texas any student who took part in the walk out got a suspension. This is going agianst the 1st ammendment in the Bill of Rights that states, we have the right to a freedom of petition.
  • This is showing siblings who do not believe in the religion that their parents do, and they do not want to go to church and to their sunday school, but their parents are making them go anyway. This is going agianst the 1st ammendment in the Bill of Rights because, in the Bill of Rights it states that we have a right to our freedom of religion.
  • In this Storyboard, the new family and all of their neighbors are forced to move, or let the soldiers stay with them in their house, providing food and other necessary items. This is going agiants the thrid ammendment in the Bill of Rights, which is the right to not quarter troops.