Updated: 5/3/2019

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  • Bigfoot is said to be the North American counter part of the Himalayan territory's Abominable Snowman, or Yeti. 
  • It was great!
  • Hey man, how was the flight?
  • Big foot his been documented for hundreds of years. Bigfoot can run up to 30mph and jump the full length of their bodies.
  • This is where I go to sunbathe.
  • Bigfoot was officially put in the endangered species list in Russia. Bananas, nuts, and berries were fed to a captured Bigfoot in Brazil.
  • Usually this is where I meet all of my friends, but they're all in hibernation.
  • Bigfoot is immune to pepper spray. He is also known to be unable to sneeze.
  • This is the noisiest spot in all of the woods.
  • Hey Bigfoot!
  • Bigfoot communicates through tree knocks. Also, it is said that Bigfoot likes apples.
  • This another one of my hiding spots.
  • The most aggressive Bigfoot is known as the Wildman. The Shawnee tribe claimed the Wildman was responsible for the deaths of seven members of their tribe.
  • I love apples!
  • Hey Bigfoot!
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