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Updated: 11/3/2020
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the technological and scientific advances in navigation

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  • Today we will be learning the technological and scientific advances in navigation.
  • Firstly there are three types of navigation we will be talking about Maps, Instruments and Ships.
  • Maps is a diagrammatic representation of an area showing its physical features. Here we have a wheel map which is a map that is in a disk shape and has Jerusalem in the middle. Then there is also Portolan Chart and Ptolemy Map.
  • Next we have instruments. A compass is a tool used to show directions, It has a needle that points. You can turn the compass so that the needle points on the dial. There is also a Astrolabe,Sextant,Quadrant, Cross staff, Telescope, Lead line, Binnacle Box.
  • Lastly we have ships, here we have a Gallon which is a sailing ship mainly used in Spain from the 15th to 18th century, originally as a warship of for trade. There is also the Carrack and Caravel
  • The ones we talked about is only a few examples of navigation. There is so much more we can learn!
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