The Gift of the Magi
Updated: 1/11/2021
The Gift of the Magi

Storyboard Text

  • "It's Christmas Eve and I still don't have enough money to buy Jim a gift!"
  • "Are you able to buy my hair?"
  • "Yes, For $20"
  • It's Christmas and Della is sad about not having enough money to buy her husband, Jim, a present.
  • Della has an idea of how to get enough money to buy a present. She decides to sacrifice her long beautiful and sell it. After getting the money, she shopped until she found the perfect gift for Jim.
  • After Jim came back home, it was time to exchange presents. They have realized that they both sacrificed their most valuable thing they had to buy each other presents that turned out to be useless. He still assured her he will always love her.
  • The end!
  • Jim and Della talk about how they both cant use their gifts. Jim sacrificed his gold watch to buy her a comb, and Della sacrificed her long hair to buy him a watch chain.
  • Although both are disappointed that they both sacrificed their most valuable things they had, they were both pleased and happy with what they got and they both realized that their love will always be the best give they had ever received.