Continues part 2
Updated: 2/13/2020
Continues part 2

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  • In Western Africa Samori's army's were the best in West Africa. His blacksmiths were able to make rifles and guns. So he was able to fight effectivly against the French. They battled for 20 years until he eventully got captured.
  • In Southern Africa the Africak went to war with Great Britian in 1899. They were determined to break away from the British influence. This war eneded being the South African War or known as the Boer War. This war went on for three years until the Afrikenars surrendered in 1902.
  • In Northeastern Africa in 1886 the British decided to reconquer Sundan. In 1898 a British army led by General H. H. Kitchenermet the Sundanese army met. British machine guns killed 10,000 Sundanese while ony 28 British soldiers died. The sundanese arms was forced to move to the South leading to a French expedition moving eastword to claim land of the Nile.