The witches
Updated: 1/30/2021
The witches

Storyboard Text

  • I want my chocolate!
  • Find him and feed Bruno and him mouse maker!
  • I found him and turned them into mice
  • A boy and his grandmother went to a hotel and the boy found a ballroom in the hotel. His grandmother would always tell him stories about witches. But witches looked like ordinary people so you could hardly tell if it could be a witch.
  • He walked into the ballroom and hid behind a folding screen so the manager wouldn't see him. But then a bunch of people walked in and had a meeting. Then he realized they were all witches and heard them talking about turning kids into mice.
  • All of the witches could smell him and found him and turned Bruno and the boy into mice. But they escaped through the vent and went to his grandma and said "the grand high witch turned me and Bruno into mice."
  • But the boy or (should I say mouse now) came up with a plan. His plan was to go into the kitchen and put a drop of the mouse maker into the soup that the witches are eating tonight.
  • The waitress set the pot of soup down and poured the witches some. They all thought it smelled delicious but little did they know they were all going to turn into mice.
  • Then they all ate some and turned into mice. Everybody stomped on them and killed them and even the grand High witch died. Then the mouse and his grandmother went home and a good witch stopped by and turned the mouse bake into a boy again.