Neolithic Project

Updated: 10/13/2021
Neolithic Project

Storyboard Text

  • Ugh… I wasn’t able to hunt any animals today. Were you able to gather anything for food tonight?
  • Nope. There wasn’t much around here. We have to move again
  • AGAIN! You know, migrating from on place to another all the time is getting tiring. Sometimes we don’t even get food!
  • But that’s the only way we have-
  • Dread not my hunter-gatherer brethren! There IS another way! With a more efficient and effective lifestyle
  • Come come! Let me introduce you the turing point of the century. The Neolithic revolution!
  • There are many people here! We usually travel with less
  • This is what we call a civilization, where many people live. And did you say traveling? We don't migrate here!
  • You see these over here? These are crops, made in the practice of agriculture, or farming. This is how we make our own food
  • With this technique, we don't have to go hunting anymore. Now we can stay here and settle in one area, and live in permanent dwellings.