French Revolution
Updated: 12/19/2019
French Revolution
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  • Meeting of the Estates General
  • This is fine by me!
  • This is not fair!
  • Tennis court oath
  • Give us a say!!
  • we will stay here in till you make a change!!!!
  • Storming The Bastille
  • No!!
  • Give us weapons!!
  • France was going through a financial crises and was in huge debt. There was a meeting of estates general were all 3 estates came to vote by order on who should pay taxes. The third estate voted that the other 2 estates should also pay taxes but they were out voted by the other 2 estates. This was a step away from democracy because the third estate didn't really get a voice even though that made up most of the population.
  • The March On Versailles
  • Bread!! Bread!!
  • We want the king and queen!!!
  • The 3 estate made up the National Assembly. They were upset with how things were being ran so they locked themselves in a tennis court and pledged to "never to separate and to meet wherever the circumstances might require until we have established a sound and just constitution." In 1791 the National Assembly accomplishes its main task and produces the Constitution 1791. This was a step toward democracy because people were finally getting a voice.
  • The Rain of Terror
  • Disagree with me and die!
  • On July 14, 1789, more than 800 Parisians assembled outside the Bastille prison. They demanded weapons and gunpowder. The commander of the Bastille refused to do so and opened fired on the crowd. This cased a revolution were the Parisians killed the commander and five guards and released prisoners. This was a step towards democracy because people were rebelling against main power.
  • The rise of Napoleon
  • Don't disappoint us!
  • Lets win this fight!!!
  • On October 5, 6,000 women marched from Paris to Versailles. They shouted "Bread!" and demanded to see the king. The women refused to leave until the king would promise to return to Paris. The king agreed. This was a step toward democracy because people were finally standing up for themselves and going against the king.
  • From 1793 to 1794 was the rian of terror. The citizen of France and killed both the queen and king on the guillotine. After they had died France had became a republic. Robespierre ended up killing anyone that disagreed with the republic. He was soon to also killed. This was a step towered democracy because the power was out of the king and queen and in the people.
  • No!!
  • From 1799 to 1815 Napoleon would be the emperor of France. Napoleon had a lot of military success. He won many battles. Napoleon backed away from the revolutions reforms. He changed order, security, and efficiency to liberty equality and fraternity. This was a step away from democracy because one person was holding all the power.
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