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  • Life In Medieval Times
  • Life in the medieval times wasn't the best for everyone. Sometimes not even for me.
  • Kings
  • The pope has a upper hand, they use their power of threats of excommunication to get me to do what they want. If I don´t follow I have a risk of being thrown off of the crown.
  • The Clergy
  • I rewrite books, and keep them up to date, I cop them down word for word and if i get bored, the only thing i can do is illuminate the pages.
  • Elizabeth Arnold-7th grade
  • Nobels & dukes
  • I oversee everything the serfs do and the manor, I make sure they are in line and things are going the way the king wants.
  • Being the king was, well, as always getting ever you wanted. You got service in exchange for land, they gave u loyalty and you would give them a manor and piece of land. and by doing this the king got richer because more manors meant more farms and money.
  • Knights
  • Battle isn't too fun, but if I win, Getting more wealthy in important so as long as I win I can steal what ever was theirs.
  • Writing down things is extremely important, you must learn to read and write first. You write down books, making copies of them daily. You do this because it's your job and also because if you didn't do this if the old book got ruined, you'd always have a copy of old history, which is the thing you need to remember.
  • Serfs
  • We have to pay to use things others dont, like grinding our grain, we must pay to use the tool.
  • Almost like the king I give land to the knights, the king gives me land and I give land to the knights for their service to me. I give my service to the king as of military service.
  • Being a knight wasn't as hard as being a serf. You would give your service to the king and the king would give you land, ( a manor, surrounded by villages with serfs, ) they arent to mean to serfs but do demand respect. I let the serfs work and they give me proportions, and for that they get to live rent-free, and under safety in my manor
  • The serfs were the largest but poorest group, they farmed and most of their pay went to the king,(along with the knight that lives in the manor) and in exchange for their service, they get a safe place to stay. (normally in a small village around a manor)
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