Broken Balde by Chuyee Vang
Updated: 3/4/2020
Broken Balde by Chuyee Vang

Storyboard Text

  • Um.. I guess but u know the hard work.
  • Can i sign up for a voyageur?
  • Really Cap?
  • These waters names are as funny as Cap's.
  • My name isn't that funny its just Royal Nicap
  • No time to rest kiddo.
  • How much do these weigh?
  • Im leaving my sick Grandpa and my little Sister behind in order to earn money to eat. You see we aren't the wealthiest family in our town so i provide for my sick Grandpa and little Sister.
  • Focus Men!
  • My journey is set off as I leave home into a great world. My back has been aching on the blow i took when we hit the rapids. I have 2 blisters so far and wish for no farther more. I like my friend Kai. Also my crew mates are kind,but the same time guide me.
  • We just arrived. Our canoe and luggage our over there.
  • WOW!
  • Really glad your here
  • My Captain and us decided we would portage and not risk the rapid waters. As far in the woods. I have swollen up on my ankle burns and bruises. So far I'm very tired and wish for rest only,
  • Right now Lake Superior has been keeping our mile rate at a little. I myself almost drowned of my own foolishness and I'm freezing of this weather. Cap says we might have to stay on a island for a day or two. As far as almost dying we have hit the hard waves now.
  • After paddling for so long we made it to Grand Portage. So far i have been seeing all sorts of trading post and Ojibwa people. As far as seeing such excitement i am really hungry, and cant wait to see what we eat instead of pork and corn.
  • My Journey has ended for now. Next year i will sign on again because of my fun experience.