Hero's Epic
Updated: 4/3/2020
Hero's Epic
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  • To Ithaca we go !!!
  • Athanasius is stuck on an island full of dragon keepers along with their pets. He was unable to escape because he was being held captive.
  • Hand me your sword or they die!
  • His prayer to the gods for help to escape worked and was now on his journey to Ithaca. The reason why he chose Ithaca is to make an agreement with Odysseus.
  • He and his crew came along the Scylla while passing through the strait. She eats six of his crew members which angers him. The anger get to them and so they Scylla allowing them to move on.
  • After killing Scylla, Athanasius and the crew run into more trouble with Polyphemus wanting his valuable sword or the cyclops will kill his men if he does not get his way. Athanasius gives it up to save the crew.
  • To get some rest the ship stopped at an island right across from Ithaca to take a break. The chimera comes across them causing a fight for hours, until it ends and they move on. The chimera is dead and rest is forgotten about because they reached Ithaca.
  • Now at Ithaca, Athanasius has to fight and kill Cerberus, the guard dog. Cerberus also got Athanasius' best warrior. He kills the dog and gets his best warrior back. This test shows his determination to finish his quest and his compassion for his crew. It also shows his bravery to fight Cerberus.
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