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Updated: 3/29/2021
Unknown Story

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  • When the foreign invades arrived in Peru, the Incas were already beset by some serious internal problems
  • The Fall of the Inca Empire
  • In the ensuing battle, where firearms (guns) were mismatched against spears, arrows, slings, and clubs, 7,000 Inca were killed against zero Spanish losses.
  • Inti was the Sun God and the people in the Inca Empire considered themselves 'Children of the Sun' . The Inca ruler was Inti's representative and embodiment on earth.
  • Atahualpa could return safely if the Incas could provide a room full of treasure. Then, having got his ransom, Pizarro summarily tried and executed Atahualpa anyway
  • Francisco Pizarro led a small group of Spanish adventurers eager to find the golden treasure