''The Feather Pillow'' by Horacio Quiroga (Storyboard by Lilly American Hor
Updated: 11/4/2020
''The Feather Pillow'' by Horacio Quiroga (Storyboard by Lilly American Hor

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition: At the house
  • I love him even if he has a rough attitude.
  • I love her even if I might not show it.
  • Conflict: Within the bedroom
  • ''I don't know,'' ''She has a great weakness...''
  • Rising Action: Within the bedroom
  • ''It's I, Alicia, it's I!''
  • ''Jordan! Jordan!''
  • ''Phew...'' ''It is an inexplicable case. There is little we can do.''
  • The newlyweds Jordan and Alicia settle in a house together. The house in which influences Alicia's chills and shuddering. Similar to her husband who has an impassive manner.
  • Climax: In the dining room
  • ''That's my last hope!''
  • ''It's very heavy.''
  • Alicia suddenly becomes really ill. She wakes up feeling really faint and Jordan's doctor examines her. The doctor tells Jordan that he doesn't know what is causing Alicia's sickness and to call if she is faint again.
  • Falling Action: Within the bedroom
  • ''What is it?''
  • Alicia's illness grows worse by worse each day and Jordan grows concerned. He paces around in the drawing-room and the bedroom. Then Alicia begins to have hallucinations which consist primarily ''of an anthropoid poised on his fingertips on the carpet, staring at her.''
  • Resolution: In the dining room
  • The doctors return, observe, and consult Alicia for the last time. And the chief physician tells Jordan there is little that they can do. Alicia keeps on deteriorating to the point where she never leaves the bed again. She speaks in a weak voice and Jordan keeps pacing around.
  • Alicia eventually passes away. The servant comes into the room to strip the bed. And notices bloodstains on the pillow with that she notifies Jordan. He then asks her to hold the pillow up to the light. She then drops it as the pillow is heavy.
  • Jordan rips the pillow open in the dining room. And the servant gets horrified by what she sees. Which ends up being a huge parasite in the pillow. That had essentially sucked the life out of Alicia.
  • AHHH!!!
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