Alchol is bad
Updated: 9/9/2020
Alchol is bad

Storyboard Text

  • That party was great!!!!!
  • do you realize how late it is if mom finds out your dead .
  • Yeah but dont tell mom I had a lot to drink.
  • Have you been drinking.
  • thud!!
  • Dareeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!! are you okay Ill call 911 now Mom get down here no!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wake up wake up Darek please wake up.
  • My son collapsed on the floor and not responding please send help.
  • why darek did you have to make such a stupd decision.
  • he will be okay but his liver has been servealy damaged and his brain has sutaied some damage he will not be able to move like he used to.
  • If Darek would have avoided that party he could have missed out on all the damage it caused him dont drink under age it could cause irriversible damage..