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Homeless Bird
Updated: 8/31/2020
Homeless Bird
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  • COUGH!!!
  • Koly might be just 13 but she´s ready to get married, herdad found a husband for her named Hari. When the time for the wedding came Kolyher mom and dad saw her husband Hari very sick they thought he had the flu.
  • Mrs. Mehta leaves to get Hari's medicine, telling Koly not tobother Hari while she's gone, but Koly doesn’t like being told what to do so when she hears Hari coughing she goes to his room to check himHari looksvery pale and thin in bed, but she talks to him anyway. He tells her aboutflowers and bugs; he has quite the collection.
  • Early the next day Chandra, Koly and Hari get ready to headoff to ganges. Once at home, Hari hacks and coughs so much that they calla doc to come see him. Alas, Hari's even weaker than before and there's nothinganyone can do.
  • One day Koly wanders into Hari's old room andfinds his bug collection all dead and dried up.She notices his book is still inthere, though, and wishes she could read it, so she asks Mr. Mehta to teach hershe practices when ever she can.
  • Mr. Mehta reminds his wife that they are using Koly'spension for being a widow to pay for Chandra's dowry in the first place, somaybe don't do anything rash. Koly is shocked to hear this—that money belongsto her. When she asks Chandra about it, her sis is surprised, too; she had noidea.
  • Mr. Metha its very depressed because his son died, his daughterits leaving and he gets bullied by hs students at school. Koly tries to work ashard as possible but that seems to bother him more. One day he comes home earlyHe goes into his room, rolls up his mat, and dies.
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