Prussia AP EURO
Updated: 2/3/2021
Prussia AP EURO

Storyboard Text

  • With the fall of Louis Philippe, now is our time for revolution!
  • We want a liberal constitutional monarchy!
  • Oh no! the middle-class and the artisans joined the revolt against the monarchy
  • I promise to grant Prussia a liberal constitution and to merge Prussia into a new national German state!
  • We urge you for a counter revolution!!!!!!
  • The workers are making practically socialist demands
  • Us aristocrats do not want a revolution, we are joining the conservative group
  • The Frankfurt National Assembly
  • We gathered here, in Frankfurt, to write a a federal constitution for a unified German state
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  • However now we have to focus on issue of the provinces of Schleswig and Holstein
  • Frederick VII, new king Denmark tried to integrate both of these provinces, the Germans revolted. We must call on the Prussian army. War with Denmark!
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  • We elect Frederick William of Prussia the new emperor of the German national state
  • We, the National Assembly, finally completed our liberal constitution!
  • I reject the National Assembly I will not accept this crown from the gutter
  • I have royal authority and I will disband the Prussia Constituent Assembly and my subjects can have a limited (basically conservative) constitution
  • I want to be emperor on my terms