Schooled comic
Updated: 11/17/2020
Schooled comic

Storyboard Text

  • “Ahhh, I can't believe my eyes!"
  • “I’ve heard of bad hair days, but wow! You look like your head exploded!"
  • “If you’re going to use the Giga-Volumizer, you’ve got touse the conditioner that comes with it. Otherwise you might as well be pumping ten thousand volts through your hair.”
  • Cap used her Pomegranate Shampoo with Giga-Volumizing Power once,and when I looked in the mirror, Cap couldn’t believe his eyes. His hair was standing up straight in all directions—a huge sphere of blond fuzzsurrounding him like a giant halo.
  • I tried brushing it down, but all it did was crackle and Cap tried brushing it down, but all it did was crackle and stand even stiffer. Somehow this Giga-Volumizing Power filled your hair with static electricity as if you’d stuck your finger in a light socket.
  • Cap must have looked completely helpless because Sophie took pity on Cap. Sophie grabbed a bottle, marched Cap to the kitchen, and shoved his head in the sink. As Sophie wet me down with the vegetable sprayer, Cap could feel his hair collapsing from its planetoid shape.