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Vietnam electrons
Updated: 12/17/2018
Vietnam electrons
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Storyboard Description

Electron project with the vietnam war and the hippie movement as a guide

Storyboard Text

  • Presidents office circa December 1, 1969
  • Let's start a draft commander 
  • Our army only has 60 units sir. We need a full 80 to win this war. 
  • Davy goes off and decides that he will not fulfill his draft.
  • Ma I just got a draft card.
  • Davy arrives in New York city
  • Why should I join the army to fight in a pointless war? 
  • To be a complete army there must be 80 units. Just like every element wants a full shell to be happy, and a shell holds 8 electrons.
  • Davy stumbles upon a hippie camp in New York City
  • What are you guys doing? 
  • Oo man you got a draft card? That's tough
  • We're out here protesting the vietnam war
  • Hey man just burn it. We did
  • To fill those shells the elements bond with other elements and steal their electrons just like the draft took kids from their homes and threw them in the war.
  • So, the hippies bond and the war doesn't?
  • See man this is how it works: We are bonded to society but we are repeled by the war
  • And the army just takes us so they can be happy. They don't share equally.
  • Back in the president's office...
  • Some elements resist having their electrons taken
  • The draft worked sir! We now have a full army.
  • Davy ends up deciding that he wants to be a hippie
  • He then burns his draft card
  • Just like in H2O the 2 hippies are bonded but the other war/electrons are repelling them so they're all bent out of shape. And like oxygen the war just takes the electrons and hydrogen doesn't get to see them again.
  • The military diagram is also called a lewis dot structure and is used to show just how many valence electrons an element has.
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