Tuck everlasting

Updated: 6/17/2021
Tuck everlasting

Storyboard Text

  • Winnie Foster was seen talking to a toad in her Grandma's yard. Her grandma was talking to her good friend while Winnie was talking to her toad.
  • Winnie went to a forest and saw a boy drinking for the spring. Turns out the person was named Jesse Tuck.
  • Winnie find out that Jesse Tuck was immortal. He was over 100 years old.
  • After many events happen, Winnie Foster came back to her grandma's house after a few years. She wanted to see the toad that she talked with.
  • Winnie Foster also went ahead to the forest to see the spring. She remembered the time when she first met Jesse Tuck.
  • Winnie Foster then saw the toad she use to talked with and wondered how it is still alive.