Henry and his 6 wives
Updated: 3/18/2020
Henry and his 6 wives

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  • henry the 8 was king and so while he was king he tried really hard to get a son
  • while doing so he married 6 different women and tried having a son with those woman these are henrys 6 wives
  • the first wife is Catherine of Aragon she had a daughter with henry named Mary since she never had a son with hi henry soon wanted to get divorced but since the catholic church didn’t support divorce so he made a law called reformation parliament and divorce was granted in 1533
  • the next wife was Anne Boleyn they were married in 1533 and they had one daughter named Elizabeth since she couldn’t have more kids and they thought that she was unfaithful she was executed for being unfaithful
  • the third wife was Jane Seymour they were married in 1536 she was one of the henrys most favored wife because she gave birth to a baby boy named Edward but sadly died due to complications of birth
  • the next wife is Anne of Cleves they were married n 1540 but at the wedding day henry thought she was ugly and divorced her the same year