Updated: 3/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I feel very sad, I need to find tobby.
  • I know and forgive it because yesterday I didn't close the door when I left
  • Tobby was my friend in difficult times. When my grandmother decided togo, he was with mevv
  • I know you love tobby a lot more than anything. I'll help you find it
  • We have to look for it. just like that with tobby I'm happier than anyone.
  • let's do it ourselves
  • The next day after having searched for tobby for themselves
  • I walked all night yesterday but I didn't find it
  • I was giving ads yesterday when someone called me and said they saw him under a bridge
  • After the call themselves went to look for Tobby
  • Let's look for it
  • I know what it is. Is the bridge taller than a mountain. When my parents were working tobby and I walked there
  • I told you that tobby was there
  • You said it