The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Updated: 11/2/2020
The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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  • The Carew Murder Case
  • Incident of the Letter
  • Dear JekyllThank you for your kindness.
  • Remarkable Incident of Dr. Lanyon
  • Hyde brutally murders an innocent man and apparently without reason. Sir Danvers Carew is the second known victim of Hyde's violence. Utterson appears immediately when summoned by the police, and provides them with a great deal of information in order to find the murderous Edward Hyde. Utterson doesn't tell the police about the connection between Hyde and Dr. Jekyll. Utterson again proves his loyalty to Jekyll.
  • On the same day of the murder, Mr. Utterson visits Dr. Jekyll's house, and meets with him. Utterson and Jekyll discuss the unfortunate news that Sir Danvers Carew is dead, who is believed to be killed by Mr. Hyde. Jekyll swears that he is not hiding Hyde and that he is, "done with him in this world." Jekyll also claims that he has received a letter from Hyde, which he shows to Utterson. The letter thanks Jekyll for being kind and tells him that he is safe. Poole the butler, tells Utterson as he is leaving that nothing was delivered and Utterson becomes suspicious.
  • Jekyll's behavior is becoming increasingly suspicious and mysterious, and Utterson cannot logically determine its cause. Utterson’s friend Lanyon who had been friendly with Jekyll only a few days before refuses to speak of the man and claims he has suffered a deathly shock. In this chapter, mystery and the supernatural begin to take over. As Lanyon passes away, and Jekyll admits serious although vague wrongdoing, Utterson's world begins to tumble out of control.