Unknown Story
Updated: 3/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Beginning(Reactants)
  • I'm doing good Potassium!
  • Hey Oxygen, long time no see. How have you been.
  • Hello, I'm Chlorine. I'd like to buy a water.
  • Middle(Yields)
  • Actually I was kinda wondering if you wanted to be my date to this party Im going to tonight?
  • Sorry Oxygen, I just don't think we have a special bond.
  • Ending(Products)
  • Hey I'm Chlorine, did you maybe want to dance?
  • Sure, I thing we will have a great bond!
  • In this first box, Oxygen and Potassium are catching up and Chlorine is in the back trying to order some water.
  • In the second box Oxygen asked Potassium out on a date but Potassium declines to go because she dosen't think they are right for each other. Chlorine is just in the back waiting for his water.
  • In this last box Chlorine goes up to Potassium and askes for a dance and she says yes leaving Oxygen in the back sad and confused.