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Updated: 9/26/2020
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  • Hi there! I am a traveller and saw this town from a distance. I am interested in a tour!
  • Hey there newcomer! Welcome to Hollsville!
  • We love to have guests, so you came to the right place. Right this way!
  • That is great to hear. I bet there are high paid jobs and well growing businesses. There is probably a lot of technology that goes into those businesses also!
  • I wonder why he didn't complement the buildings!
  • The town is right up on this next turn. We have a great economy, working jobs, and...well.. buildings.
  • Follow me!
  • Wonderful!
  • I see that your city seems to have a good government, making jobs and hom--places to sleep.
  • Yes the government is good, there are many people on the high social classes. Also, everyone has religious freedom.
  • Hmm, don't you think this is an odd house? Where is the actual building?
  • How odd.
  • Next to us, you can see the guest house and a nice path.
  • Nevermind that, right this way.
  • Mr., this toor has been great! I know we are reaching the town limit although I have noticed some very poor architecture.
  • Very weird design and odd structure!
  • This is great Mr.! You have a shopping, homes and town hall all next to each other!
  • I have been living here for a while and our buildings are our main struggle. What is arc-what?
  • And finally, our main attractions! We have the market on the upper right, 5 star houses, and town hall!
  • It is called architecture. It is what makes your buildings strong!Yes you are right! You can use architecture to make taller buildings and sturdier shelters so they don't fall like this.Great job today and great progress. New homes are great for people who need shelter. One of them includes me! I am going to move here!
  • Architecture could really help us out! We need some design for buildings and they are not sturdy enough. For example this one fell recently...Yes! We will get right to work. Once we have this architecture thing down we can make more homes!This is great news. We can't wait to get started.
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