Russian Revolution
Updated: 1/23/2020
Russian Revolution
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  • World War One
  • In WWI, since Russia was so under industrialized, they did not have enough artillery for all their soldiers, and were encouraged to take weapons off of other soldier's dead bodies. As well they were being poorly instructed and had to recede from the war because almost 80% of the Russian army faced casualties. The Great War would increase the frustrations and resentments of the Russian people, leading to an intensified revolutionary situation that would contribute to the final revolutions in 1917.
  • Inflation
  • Please Im hungry!!
  • Im sorry ma'am, but if you cannot pay for it I cannot give you the food.
  • Wide Spread Hunger
  • Please I need food!
  • *Steals loaf*
  • NO
  • To keep up production of weapons in WWI, Russia began to print money. Since there was so much money floating around, the value of evereything went up and nobody could afford it. The first hyperinflation was during 1917-1923, and nearly destroyed the economy. The inflation was pretty much the start and nearly the end of the Bolshevik revolution.
  • Because of the inflation, nobody could afford any food. This resulted in riots, and scavenging of food and stealing any piece of food he can get. Not only was it food but footwear, textiles, and kerosene were also scarce. Woman and soviet's wives were the first to light the rioting flames.
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