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Updated: 8/28/2020
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  • Women’s March
  • Women should be able to have rights..!
  • We shall fight until we WIN!
  • Louis XVI
  • "I die of all the crimes laid to my charge."
  • Committee of Public Safety
  • "You all must prepare for the upcoming war.."
  • On the morning of October 5th, 1789 the Women's march on Versailles had begun. Women were rioting the Paris marketplace over the high price and scarcity of bread. It had a huge impact.
  • The Reign of Terror
  • "Hail the Republic!"
  • "Death to the traitors!!"
  • Louis XVI was king of pre-revolutionary France. He wanted to be a good king, but failed to support his minsters, who tried to reform France's finances and social institutions. He was later branded a traitor and executed in 1793
  • Rise of Napoleon
  • "Since one must take sides, one might as well choose the side that is victorius.."
  • To deal with the threats to France, the Convention created the Committee of Public Safety. Preparing France for all-out war ordered all citizens to contribute to the war effort. They urged young men to go into battle, women to make tents or serve in hospitals, etc.
  • The Continental System
  • By early 1793, danger threatened France on all sides. The country was at war with much of Europe, including Britain, the Netherlands, etc. In the Vendée region of France, royalists and priests led peasants in rebellion against the government.
  • From 1799 to 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte dominated France and Europe. During the turmoil of the Revolution, Napoleon rose quickly in the army. Two years later, he had enough power to crown himself emperor and assume the title Emperor of the French.
  • Of all the major European powers, Britain alone remained outside Napoleon's European empire. With an invasion ruled out, Napoleon struck at Britain's lifeblood, its commerce. He waged economic warfare through the Continental System.
  • "Block the European ports..!"
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