CW story board
Updated: 3/27/2020
CW story board

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • William Morris Sixth Form
  • The light bulbs are trigger images that display information when hovered
  • Hello! My name is Matthew and I am the head teacher of this school. I will be guiding you through this virtual reality tour.
  • This is the courtyard where you interact with other students.
  • This is the foyer where many events take place such as signing up to Duke Edinburgh.
  • The user is greeted by Matthew which is the head teacher of William Morris Sixth Form. Briefly explains about the VR tour in the WMSF entrance.
  • This is the canteen where you can socialise with other students whilst eating our awesome food!
  • The second scene would be in the courtyard where there is students interacting with each other in the background. The User is able to move and navigate so they can see the courtyard in 360 degrees.
  • LRC
  • This is the LRC you can go to the independent study. There is the quiet room and the group room where you can access the computers and do group work.
  • The foyer where people share their interests and even speak to other students about current affairs and events. Matthew explains how events are introduced in the foyer to the students like the Duke of Edinburgh.
  • This is the E-BLOCK which manly consists of computers. This is where lessons like ICT is taken and also where the learning support is.
  • The canteen consists of a variety of food choices. The canteen is also a popular place where student lounge in.
  • Matthew is showing the LRC rooms. Where you can research up resources and books or even work independently or in groups.
  • Matthew describes the multiple uses of the E-BLOCK and shows where the classrooms are located and where the learning support is also located. The User can provide feedback to the school based on their Virtual Tour experience.