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Updated: 2/3/2020
Sports med
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  • It's nice to meet you. Let's go out and walk around the town.
  • Alright lets go. I can't wait.
  • Achoo.
  • Matt has the flu. the infection agent is influenza B. He sneezed right into his hand which passes germs on whatever he touches. He touched the door which placed germs there for the next few that come through the door. 
  • Matt has the flu. He is the reservoir that the flu grew in. As he sneezed out of his nose into his hands that was the portal of exit. Matt touched the door that was the mode of transmission.
  • Lets go in and see the people who's playing.
  • Jenn touched a door full of germs and put her fingers right into her mouth.
  • Jenn touched the door and put her fingers right into her mouth is the portal of entry.
  • Luke I don't feel good I feels like someone is sitting on my chest.
  • Jenn starts to feel extremely sick while they head home.
  • She is showing signs of the flu by Rhinorrhea (runny nose)Myalgia (muscle pain)pyrexia (fever)
  • 26 year old female Jenn has Influenza B.
  • Jenn is the new host of the influenza B. She is the reservoir that the flue started to grow in.
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