Macbeth summary Act 3
Updated: 3/19/2020
Macbeth summary Act 3

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  • The princes have gone into hiding in England and Ireland.
  • Banquo is definitely hiding something from me! Shall I come up with a plan to eliminate him and his son? Yes indeed I shall.
  • "Is't far you ride?" (Shakespeare)Will you be back in time for the Banquet? Who are you going with? Is this a safe route?
  • I will be back in a timely manner it is route traveled before.
  • This will be you soon Banquo after the murderers are convinced to kill
  • Oh who shall suspect thee
  • You must be prepared for guests of the party. Macbeth be "bright and jovial among your guest tonight" (Shakespeare 98)
  • Tonight the snake will be gone however for now until hath be done you shall remain unaware. You my dearest must "Be innocent of the knowledge."(Shakespeare 100)
  • Oh why shall my king keep secrets?
  • Oh no!" Fly, good Fleance...Thou may'st revenge." (Shakespeare)
  • Who are these men? Why do they want my father dead? Am I safe?
  • Fear not my guests!"The fit is momentary" (Shakespeare 112)
  • Is the King unwell? Does he see a ghost?
  • The murderers said they slit his throat and put 20 gashes in his head! So why is he haunting me not them?
  • I see you Banquo"Which one of you have done this". (Shakespeare 110)
  • I can not believe all three of you! It was so irresponsible you to give Macbeth prophecies about his future without telling me!
  • Oooo we are in great trouble with Hecate.
  • They will repay me for disobedience
  • Strange things are occurring! Fleance fled the scene of the crime! Macduff went to ask the English king for help!