The Giver CHAPTER 4
Updated: 5/14/2020
The Giver CHAPTER 4

Storyboard Text

  • That is Asher’s bike because it is tilted.
  • Okay! Thank you
  • Asher and Fiona are in the bathing rooms, cleaning the old
  • Jonas is looking for Asher
  • (larissa) They recently released Edna. She really tried to make her life meaningful, but in reality she was just a birthmother
  • Jonas realizes that Asher is in the House of Old, so he enters
  • (LARISSA) This morning we celebrated Roberto"s release!!
  • First of all,we toats and we chant the anthem, then we say a goodbye speech and then they tell him/her life
  • He comes across the secretary, and is told that Fiona and Asher are in the bathing rooms.
  • (fiona) me too! i wish the releasing room was bigger
  • They talk about Edna’s life
  • (Jonas)OH! I did not know her
  • They talk about Roberto’s life
  • (jonas) I knew him! He was an instructor of Elevens
  • Larissa explains the celebration of the release
  • (jonas) I wish i was there to see Roberto