Ruby Sanchez

Updated: 8/27/2020
Ruby Sanchez

Storyboard Text

  • Time to go plant more crops!
  • I'm hungry mom, can we eat corn?
  • This seems like a good spot.
  • The Chickasaw and Choctaw of Mississippi and Alabama grew corn, beans and pumpkin. The women would plant and harvest the crops.
  • Aside from planting crops, women would also take care of the children and cook food. Women also made baskets, clothes, and other goods.
  • Yeah, Its almost time to pray!
  • Meanwhile, men would clear the land and construct building.
  • They would trace their family lines through their mothers.
  • They had a green corn festival which held each summer as the corn began to ripen. The people would dance, pray, fasted, and feasted over the time of several days.
  • They would only have temporary farms because they would move a lot.