The Tempest
Updated: 6/10/2020
The Tempest
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  • Prospero Is Marooned
  • I am Alonzo
  • The Lords' ship sunk
  • I am Sebastian
  • I am Gonlonzo
  • I am Antonio
  • Ferdinand loves Miranda
  • Prospero explains to Miranda why they have lived on this island for 12 years, and why he has spirits, and why he enslaved Caliban, and about Sycorax, the evil witch who used to rule the isle. also he told her about how the spirits were held in tree trunks by sycorax, until he freed them.
  • Caliban Plots to murder Prospero
  • Alonzo, King of Naples, His brother Sebastian, Antonio and Gonlonzo and Ferdinand swim ashore, after their ship split in two due to a magical storm created by prospero. they don't know where Ferdinand is. Antonio and Sebastian try to kill Alonzo in his sleep, for the crown, but Ariel, a spirit loyal to Prospero, wakes him up in time
  • Ariel
  • Ferdinand and Miranda instantly fall in love, Prospero dissaproves, and sends him to work
  • Caliban meets two islanders, from the ship wile collecting firewood, they are drunk from liquor, and Caliban believes them to be gods, together, they plan to kill prospero, and take back the island
  • Ariel scares the lords by turning into a large winged beast and taking away a large feast. She terrifies Caliban and the islanders by giving them clothes, and chasing them with dogs
  • They all forgive each other at the cave mouth, Prospero accepts Miranda and Ferdinand's marriage, He truly frees all the spirits of the island, breaks his staff, and drowns his books, and leaves Caliban behind, to his island
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