Updated: 6/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • God told noah he needed to make an ark for him, his family and animals so he had a goal set by god to make and ark
  • Build an ark!
  • Now in a couple days there will be a massive flood it will rain for 40 days get your family and the animals in the ark
  • What ever you say!
  • He told everyone that god told him to make and ark. Everyone thought he was mad, So they laughed at him
  • god told me to make a ark for my family and animals!
  • Years Later...
  • God told noah to retrive the animals that hes is going to create and his family to stay in the ark for 40 days because there will be a huge flood and they needed to keep safe so he finishe the three story waterproof ark
  • !!!!
  • God added animals to be put in the ark so they could keep safe during the flood.
  • I'll add animals
  • Noah bought his family and the animals into the ark where it was safe they stayed there for 40 days!!