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Updated: 11/16/2020
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  • Whoa! You're gonna get to china if you keep digging that hole!
  • Hahaha! actually, the earth is made up of 4 layers, and the first one, the crust, is the thinnest and it's 35 km deep from where we are!
  • The pressure in the crust is about 4.01 GPa, and the temperature ranges from -89.4 to 70.7 degrees.
  • The second layer is the Mantle, and the lithosphere separates it from the crust and it's made of a combination of the both.
  • what is she saying...
  • the mantle, the second layer, is under the crust and the lithosphere. It's the thickest layer, at about 2,900 km. It's separated into the asthenosphere (upper) and the mesosphere (lower)
  • The materials in this layer are oxygen, silicon and magnesium. The heat travels through conduction.
  • The temperature in the mantle is close to 1000° near the crust and about 3700° closer to the outer core. The pressure varies between 24.0 (upper) and 136 GPa (lower)
  • wha-
  • i-
  • Under the mantle is the outer core, which is the only liquid layer. It's about 2,200 km thick, and its temperatures vary between 4,500° and 5,500° Celsius. This layer has a pressure of 135–330 GPa. The outer core is made of molten iron and nickel. 
  • is she ok...??
  • The inner core is the center of the earth and the hottest layer. The thickness is 1,230 to 1,530 km and its temperature is about 5,200° Celsius. The pressure of this layer ranges from about 330 to 360 GPa. It's made of nickel and iron, but it's not liquid due to the added amount of pressure of this layer.
  • i was joking-
  • so i wouldn't even get to china if i tried to because i would melt because of the high temperatures and i would explode because of the pressure.
  • i have no idea what you just said.
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